In My Nearly 30 Years…

I’ve successfully made crepes a mere three times, and not for lack of trying mind you. The first time was when I was 9 and my mom and I made smoked salmon crepes. The success was due primarily to my mom and her surprisingly good crepe-making skills with a non-non-stick skillet. The second time was when I was 22 and sort of seeing a French woman. Again, I didn’t have much to do with the success. I had tried my hand at making crepes solo a couple of times, but with terrible results. So, I was mightily surprised when my crepe-making experiment last night worked! Check out these pretty little crepes:

Did we have strawberry-whipped cream crepes at 10:30 last night? Hell, yeah!

As I told Porkchop, this newly developed skill opens up exciting realms of cooking possibilities. I am already making plans for asparagus-mushroom crepes with a hollandaise sauce for next spring!

I am quite pleased with myself.


This morning Porkchop dropped me off at the Tower Grove farmers market for free yoga. The instructor was a guy who teaches at South Town Yoga, and there was a very decent number of people attending. The session was a pretty straightforward Ashtanga-type class made all the better by the cool breeze and leaves rustling around. However, the next time I go, I’ll be sure to take a sheet to put under my mat because it became quite dirty.

After yoga, I picked up a few things at the market:

Lovely little tomatoes from Ivan the Fig Man. The tomatoes were grown in his solar greenhouse, which sounds like an awesome setup. Next week, I will take more cash to buy his salsa and roasted red pepper sauce – made with his mom’s recipes and totally fantastic (also, his mom was at the market…she seems great and must be to make such delicious things). I think the cherries were from Eilerman Brothers. The radishes were sort of an impulse purchase because I really want to buy at least one thing each visit from City Seeds. Click the link because it’s a great program.

While walking to Grand from the market (which is a really great walk), I ate a tomato and a couple of cherries. I also stopped at our old apartment because the residents were having a yard sale! I wasn’t looking to buy anything, I just wanted to see who was living there. Unfortunately, a friend of the resident was keeping shop (I know because I can be nosy and ask things like, soooo, do you live here? Because I lived here last year.), so I didn’t get to inspect the resident.

I was about to stop at the new ice cream shop at Grand and Arsenal, but I saw my bus letting people out at the stop north of Arsenal. So, I ran to the stop and hopped aboard because the weekend buses don’t run as often and you have to catch them when you can.

Anyway, the new ice cream shop is Emack & Bolio’s, which is apparently a franchise out of Boston. I look forward to trying it because I *heart* ice cream! So much! But back to the name of this shop. My commuter buddy has told me many times that the name of the shop is quite unique, and yesterday evening he said it was Enob and Bobo’s, to which I yelled out ENOB AND BOBO’S!!?? Then he said, well, it isn’t Enob and Bobo’s, but it’s something very close. So, I had to laugh today when I saw the shop sign because Emack and Bolio’s will permanently be Enob and Bobo’s in my mind.

Once I was back home, I made lunch:

Crepes filled with sauteed chard (from my shared garden), a sundried tomato-basil sauce (made with our own basil) and tomatoes from the market. The crepes were accompanied by sliced radishes topped with a bit of melted butter and salt. For dessert, I had a small bowl of cherries.

Nothing makes me as happy as good food. Seriously.

For a snack this afternoon, I had a crepe smeared with honey (from local hives).

For dinner, I’m thinking about pasta with potatoes and more sundried tomato-basil sauce, but I’m also thinking about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I hope you are also eating well!

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