It was Time We had Fun

Porkchop and I cut loose last night and had dinner, a movie, and gelato!

Dinner was yummy and from the Little Saigon Cafe in the CWE. Being from the South Grand area, I’m not used to Vietnamese costing more than $8, but the extra money was worth it. We actually had dinner while Porkchop finished closing at the UPS Store, and then it was off to the Chase Park to see Wanted.

The movie pick was Porkchop’s because she loves herself some Angelina Jolie. Next time, I will research the movie a bit more before agreeing to go because it was so violent. SO violent! It was violence a la Kill Bill, but it still made me squirm. And Porkchop looked over several times during the movie and whispered sorry. Ugh.

After so much bloodiness, we cleansed our senses with gelato from Gelato di Riso. It was pretty good.

Currently, I am listening to Camera Obscura’s Underachievers, working on some data cleaning, and feeling pretty good. Except I’m a bit nervous about house stuff because the seller has until TODAY to return a signed agreement about stuff that he will fix. Otherwise, the contract terminates (unless we send in an amendment and they agree to it). Our realtor doesn’t think they’re doing this on purpose to get out of the contract (for example, if they recently received a higher offer) because they’ve been sending us regular updates. We just haven’t received anything in writing. It makes me nervous. Because, you know, we spent nearly $500 on inspections! I hate this house buying stuff because it always seems a bit shady. Shouldn’t things be more regulated?

You might invest in inspections and get a house, or you might get screwed. What the hell?

This evening, I pick up my CSA share via bus for the first time. Getting there is no problem, but going home means 3 buses and perhaps 45 minutes – 1 hour.

Still not having a car is teaching me loads about santosha and aparigraha. Previously, I thought I was pretty good about being happy with what I have and not being into possessions, but I really had a lot to learn apparently.

Check out the page on aparigraha. It actually states, “If you notice yourself spending too much time working on or worrying about your car (or home or some other object) – take some time to consider the situation. Perhaps it is not as important as you think it is at first. Perhaps there is a way that you could simplify, with fewer possessions which require less maintenance.”


Some people think taking the bus must be a drag or seriously hinder my day. Contrary to how I might sound sometimes, it really isn’t and it doesn’t. Also, hello environmental impact. Do we really need to go all the places we do and consume all of that nonrenewable energy?

Probably not.

If you have a car and never take public transporation, I encourage you to do so for at least a day. You’ll learn a lot.

A New Blog
Porkchop likes to start new blogs for new stages in her life. The new and current blog is Big Muddy Editions.

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