Pies on my Mind

I’m at work, and I can’t stop thinking about the hand pies that I want to make this weekend. The TG market is supposed to have blackberries this weekend, and I think blackberries would be wonderful subs for strawberries in this recipe.

The only that would be better (besides strawberries) is blackberries AND peaches.


This week has been a mixed food week.

Wednesday night, I had the most messed up dinner ever. It started off poorly during preparation when I popped a pat of butter in my mouth, thinking it was a piece of cheese. I like butter…but not like that. And then I discovered I only had one egg, which would not be enough for the chard-mushroom-cheese omelet that I wanted. So I filled it out with rice noodles and ate the cheese separately. It was okay, but not something I would recommend.

Thursday, however, Thursday was terrific. Lunch was a birthday work lunch for me at Thai Pizza. And then my supervisor took me to Jilly’s Cupcake Bar for a cupcake! How awesome is that?! I had the Jilly’s on the Beach, which might be my favoritest cupcake ever. It’s vanilla with a mango custard filling and kiwi-lime icing. So much yum.

Then for dinner Thursday night, Suzi joined us for a roasted tandoori-ish chicken. I marinated the chicken from my previous CSA share in a mixture of total goodness. Yogurt, cream, ginger, garlic, cumin, chile powder, garam masala, lemon juice, and tomato paste. It was yummy, but next time I will make an appropriate side dish instead of just plain rice. Last night, unfortunately, was too hot to hang out in the kitchen making extraneous dishes.

On the non-food side of things, I have been the most boring person ever this week because my thoughts were focused on selecting homeowners insurance. Many of my conversations started with, so who’s your home insurance provider?

Scintillating, eh?

After being rejected by Amica, I went with Liberty Mutual. Everyone seems to love Amica. They’re able to be so great by having super-tight underwriting. I had to send in our inspection report, which meant the underwriters saw the masonry debris on the roof, the corroded breaker, and a few other ugly things. Ugly things that the seller is fixing, but heck, I don’t have time to go out and take new photos and resubmit my application to Amica. I needed insurance yesterday for our closing on Tuesday! So, LM it is because of decent rates and coverage, and the local agent was nice. See…BORING! I just put myself to sleep.

Anyway, have a great Friday!

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