Not a Real Post, Just an Anecdote


Thanks to all for sending congratulations on our new house! We were there for a couple of hours Tuesday night and killed 2 house centipedes!

So, to explain some details of our house-buying, my name is the only name on the loan, but Porkchop and I are both on the title. We had to do a “quit claim” at closing to add her name. I can’t remember how it’s specified on the title, but it’s the title that ensures rights of survivorship.

Originally, I thought Porkchop’s name was dropped from the loan because of her ginormous student loan, but at closing our mortgage officer and title guy mentioned something about how the state of Missouri makes situations like ours incredibly difficult. And then our mortgage officer was very mysterious and said he could explain later if we wanted him to. We haven’t followed up on that…but maybe we will later to clear up this mystery.

Anyway, this isn’t a real post because I have tons of pictures sitting in the camera at home that I want to share. No, I’m just relating an incident that happened on Saturday, as the shooting pain in my right arm reminds me of it.

After tending to the garden on Saturday, I went to Target to purchase floss. After picking out the floss, I headed to the checkout area. While walking there, I pulled out my wallet to see if I had $4.

I was aware that I was walking by a woman (with a cart) who was looking at the kids’ clothing (which is across from the checkout area in this particular Target). I was totally aware of my surroundings.

But, in the two seconds during which I looked down to scan my wallet, I felt something hit me full-on from my right side with a surprising amount of force.

It was a situation in which you’re surprised and react with some sort of primal nature. My primal reaction was to emit an “oooof” grunt and look around like the wounded animal that I was.

The woman with the cart was apologizing profusely to me, which I took to mean that she had smacked me with her cart while I was looking down at my wallet.

I couldn’t say anything to her. I just looked at her with a puzzled and hurt expression and scampered off to the express checkout lane.

Saturday night, my right hand hurt like hell – like someone had taken a sander to it and abraded it. Sunday morning, I had horribly intense pains in my right hand, and then it was all tingly and weird in the evening. It wasn’t until Monday morning that I made the connection between the Target hit-and-run and all of this pain. With how I was walking and the position of the woman’s cart, my poor right hand and arm took the brunt of the impact.

I just want to know why this woman had to swing her cart around with such force, like she was running away from a fire and her cart contained her most valuable possessions. Jesus.

Anyway, my right arm still gets shooting pains that hurt like a mother-youknowwhat.

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