A Beautiful Day

When you step out of the house at 7:28 to catch your bus, you get to enjoy the cool morning breezes.

This morning was NICE, especially after the heat earlier this week.

(Although, I must say, it was MUCH hotter in Arkansas…made the heat here look like nothing).

I arrived on campus at 8 am (inadvertently, as I’m still working out my morning bus time), and was happy to have time to grab a chai and a bagel at the library cafe.

During lunch, I went for a walk to enjoy more of this beautiful weather.

I contemplated entering the new university center and finding the office of someone who transferred to a new position a couple of weeks ago. Seeing all of the construction barriers and people in hardhats, I decided against it. Since I didn’t know where the heck I would be going, I didn’t want to appear foolish and/or get hit with some sort of construction item.

As I was walking back in the direction of my building, I heard someone yell my name. It was the exact person I wanted to find!

Sometimes, things work out perfectly.

Now I know where his office is, and the new center officially opens next week…so it looks like I’ll take a walk again later.

This Weekend
I’m building up tomorrow so much, I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Amanda is off tomorrow, and we have plans, plans, plans. There are lots of house things to do, I want (no, NEED) to go to the garden, Cherokee Street is beckoning with aguas frescas and other treats, and we want to look at bedroom furniture. Also, other things. I made a list on the bus this morning.

Speaking of busses, I’m loving bus 11. After the 70 zoo, I’m thankful for a mellow evening ride on a bus that is never more than half full. I’m also enjoying the new scenery. After the first day on the bus, my neck was sore from whipping around, looking at the different buildings and businesses. I still catch my commuter buddy on the evening train, and we reminisce about old times on the Grand 70. However, save for my commuter buddy, I don’t miss it at all!

Have a super weekend!


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