Happy Birthday to Porkchop!!



P-chop picks me up from work at 12:30 for birthday activities such as lunch and catching an afternoon movie.

In the meantime, I’m doing the following:

  • Admiring how much nicer my shirt looks since we purchased a new washer. I thought this particular shirt was just getting old and worn, but our new washer makes it look almost new. Oh, and when I write “new washer,” I mean “refurbished washer purchased from an un-air-conditioned discount appliance warehouse in freaking Barnhart.”
  • Trimming my ear hair (discreetly, in my office, and hoping I don’t cut my ears). I don’t know about y’all, but my ear hair is starting to grow freakishly long. I’m sure my ears will soon start to resemble my dad’s in terms of ear hair. Which reminds me of an amusing story. My bald dad recently purchased supplements from GNC that would purportedly cause his hair to grow back. My dad has been bald since his mid-20’s, and he hates it, so of course he bought these questionable supplements. Well, would you believe that the supplements worked?! That is, they worked on his ear hair and his arm hair! Now he has these crazy coarse hairs growing from his ears and arms!

That is all.


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