No More Restless Nights

Furniture usually doesn’t make me so excited, but I cannot freaking wait for the new mattress to be delivered today.

(Update: Apparently our chest of drawers is on backorder. No one told me! So they will deliver it for freaking free next week. In the meantime, Porkchop’s clothes are strewn about in laundry baskets.)

Furniture is boring, so here are a few maybe less boring things…

Porkchop’s Birthday
Was fun! Amanda has supposedly drafted a blog post about it, so I won’t steal her thunder. I will merely list activities that occurred: lunch at Stellina’s Pasta Cafe, a movie, ice cream making, present-opening, dinner at Onesto, a baseball game the following night.

Here is Porkchop contemplating her 29th year as she opens presents:

The Weekend
Was good! In a twisted, cleaning-is-a-good-thing way. I spent most of the day clearing out and cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the upstairs bathroom. Carry a mini fridge to the basement by myself? No problem! Scrub the tub with lemon and borax? Allow me!

Saturday was all cleaning (and yoga), so I made Saturday night a sit-and-knit and eat popcorn (and break a spice bottle full of nutritional yeast on the clean kitchen floor) night. Yeah, remember how I used to knit?? It’s back! Yay!

I toiled some more on the never-ending interlocking balloons scarf. Seriously, this is becoming the scarf from hell, but I love the pattern and yarn, so I continue. Slowly.

To lighten things up, I started knitting a log cabin blanket. Hopefully, this will clear out my yarn scraps. Here it is:

Sunday was another work day. After taking Porkchop to work, I went to the garden and cleared out the non-producing tomato plants (so sad! I can’t wait for next summer when I can monitor my plants every day and control the soil amendments). I also planted a new row of lettuce, one of radishes, and a half row of brussel sprouts.

At the garden, I also mourned the death of a baby butternut squash. Some Thing cut the squash vine in half! There are a few squash buds left, and I dearly hope they mature. Since our watermelon vines didn’t do anything, and the cantaloupe flowers haven’t developed into little fruits, all of my vine hopes rest on this one butternut squash. *sigh*

The rest of Sunday was a blur – yoga, a little bit of time at the Festival of Nations, back to pick up Porkchop…and I don’t remember what else.

Oh Look
It’s already Wednesday. Seven more hours until the Fair Shares pickup! Also, I might even make Wednesday night knitting!

Excitement – our mini Wisconsin trip is nearly only a week away! On the Friday after Labor Day, we’re driving up to Milwaukee to see Porkchop’s friend Patrick before he says adios and moves to Argentina for a year. A side-trip to Madison is promised. So we hope to see our Madison friends! And stop by Lakeside Fibers.

More excitement – my Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Study Guide just arrived, and I couldn’t wait to start reading it! Why, yes, I lead a boring life.

Finally, you should see the stuff Keetah has been carrying up the stairs! She is such the little helper! She totes things upstairs late at night and then meows and meows until we get out of bed and check out our presents. This is what she has brought up so far:

I can only hope she soon starts unpacking boxes and hanging prints.

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