I am Just a Speck of Dust

This is the song currently stuck in my head. I am very much in love with it, and happy that Pandora plays it nearly every time I tune in.

My center is hosting a conference this week, so I’ve been dealing with some people who apparently don’t share the belief that they are just specks of dust inside a giant’s eye. I find these people quite difficult.

To stay sane, I’ve been working on my February Lady Sweater. Here it is Friday night off the needles for trying on.

And here it is today after a few lace repeats:

I’m trusting the designer and other knitters’ posts on Ravelry about the sizing. Because the size I’m making sounds insanely small.

Today has been nice, even though Porkchop isn’t here. I’ve been sitting around in my slippers and knitting and listening to music. The only thing that would improve this scene would be a hot chocolate.

Last night, I was craving a spicy hot chocolate from Bailey’s Chocolate Bar. Such a bad craving! This hot chocolate is seriously one of the best things St. Louis has in its favor. However, we went over to Suzi’s last night after dinner, which meant Bailey’s was a bit out of the way. Instead, I stopped for a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks. I’m usually not a big fan of Starbucks, but I have heard good things about this particular hot chocolate. And they are true! It is quite good!

So, the point is, I would take either a spicy hot chocolate or a salted caramel hot chocolate at this moment.

To switch topics, in yoga news, I am still working on my tripod headstand. This is from earlier this week:

I can now hold my bent knees straight up above my hips. I hear the rest – unbending my knees – is just “icing on the cake.” However, this icing distracts me and I fall out. So close! Someday!

I think headstands are particularly difficult for me because I have to learn a couple of things: 1) to trust myself and 2) to concentrate when I’m worried about falling.

So…have a good week! I will be super busy with the aforementioned conference, which makes me quite sad. Have fun without me.


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