With Legs Afire

Oh my gosh, I broke out some step aerobics this weekend after not touching my step for about six months.

And my calves HURT…hurt as in I wake up in pain. When I was in down dog last night, my heels weren’t even close to the floor, and pedaling them out was an ordeal.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but I don’t really have time to hobble around. Things are BUSY!

Besides injuring myself, this weekend was full of cleaning, cooking, knitting, and socializing. Sunday night, Porkchop and I made a super tasty dinner for Suzi and her boyfriend. We cooked up porkchops with black walnuts and apples, buttermilk mashed potatoes, and caramelized butternut squash. Yum!

After dinner, we convened a meeting of the Unofficial Gatlinburg Activities Committee. We and a few others leave on a little trip Thursday night! We’re going to hang out in a cabin outside of Gatlinburg for a few days. And when I say “cabin,” I mean a 3-story affair with fireplaces, a hot tub, and a pool table. We might take a trip to an aquarium, go snow tubing, and perhaps hiking, but hopefully there will be lots of lounging about in the cabin knitting and playing Scrabble.

I just have to decide what to take for knitting. I don’t want to haul along my February Lady (which is just missing one sleeve) because it’s too big, and what if the airport security people are asses and take away my knitting? I recently started a Spring Beret (Ravelry link), but I imagine I’ll finish it before the trip. Hmmm…what to take, what to take.

Have a great Tuesday!

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