It’s a Time to be Thankful, But…

I don’t want to complain about Christmas presents, but someone has to stop my sister.

For the past five years or so, our routine has been that my sister buys used clothing for us from a consignment or Goodwill shop (or simply plucks them from her closet), gives them to us as presents, and then we return them to our local Goodwill.

I’m tired of it for real.

This year featured a leather shirt with ruffles. Not only is it absolutely diametric from my personal clothing style, but it’s a size or two too small.

I also received this snakeskin-print Guess shirt:

Unfortunately, I’m not into snakeskin-printed clothing.

There was more clothing, including this Western-inspired shirt given to both Porkchop and me. Size it’s a Size One, neither of us can squeeze into it. Otherwise, I’d be sure to rock it around town.

Moving on…every couple of years, my parents like to give hats to me and Porkchop. Unlike other years, the ones we received this year are not twins. They are, however, in a similar style. Because we like to coordinate all the time, obviously.

Ah well, we did receive some lovely gifts. Maybe I’ll write about those tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

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