Busy as a Beaver

This is how Porkchop’s younger brother characterized me tonight, as I made hummus, this pita bread, and this baked falafel and yogurt and tahini dressing.

I was worried about the pita bread because it was so sticky and I had problems rolling it out. But, nonetheless, most of the pitas puffed up. Not perfectly, but still tasty…especially with the hummus.

By the way, I used dried chickpeas for the hummus and falafel, and I’m so glad I did. They are WAY better than the canned stuff.

So, our day started out bright and early with Keetah waking us up at 6:30 (an annoying habit she has developed). It actually wasn’t so bad this morning because we intended to rise early anyway for yard work. Our goal was to install garden beds, and that’s what we did.

Here’s Porkchop with the first bed nearly finished (notice how the beds behind it are all super unlevel):

Here I am with the project finished (beds much more level, although we realize not perfectly level, with which we’re okay):

We had to clear out so much swamp grass and chunks of concrete and other debris (a glass tube, wiring, fence collars, etc.). This is just a small portion of the stuff:

Needless to say, we’ll be filling in the beds with some good dirt, compost, and manure. Because our yard is crazy underneath the swamp grass.

There’s a lot more to do in our yard in terms of clearing out debris. Fortunately, we love yardwork.

We celebrated getting the beds in by going out for Sonic. Woo! After that, we hit Global Foods in Kirkwood and TJ Maxx, where I scored by finding Two Leaves and a Bud tea for cheap(er) and Dr. Kracker crackers (my favorite!). We were in Kirkwood to scope out the manure at O.K. Hatchery, where we also picked up some garden gloves for Porkchop and more marigold seeds. I LOVE O.K. Hatchery! It’s packed with all sorts of good stuff, and there’s no pretension anywhere. Just people picking up seed potatoes, bird feed, and cow manure.

OH, but our best find from this weekend are these cookies that Porkchop picked out last night from Jay International Foods:


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