Effing Daylight Savings Times

I like it to be a little bit light out when I get up in the morning. And it was….UNTIL TODAY.

Stupid government changing the date of the time change!

This time change is always difficult for me, anyway, so I don’t need it aggravated even more.

Yesterday, I felt like I had the biggest hangover ever. And the time! slipped away! so quickly!

It was 11:30 pm before I knew it, which means I’m starting this Monday with less sleep than normal!

Ah well, enough complaining.

Porkchop and I have started playing Mancala. That’s one reason we were up so late. That, and we started watching Man on Wire at 9:00. A counting game and a vertigo-inducing movie…just what I need before trying to sleep.

Strangely enough, I didn’t dream about either of these things. Instead, I had anxious dreams about dessert bars (as in desserts in bar form). I have no idea…

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