Our Bathtub Runneth Over

Holy shizzle, Porkchop and I transplanted sprouts yesterday, keeping the strongest and composting the weakest (a moment of silence for those plants), and this is what we ended up with in our bathtub-cum-greenhouse:

Here is the transplanting action:

For the past month, the garden has been at the forefront of our minds.

We’re either staring out the back window at the garden beds, or we’re in the bathroom staring at the plants.

We keep Great Garden Companions handy, able to recite passages and open the volume at exactly the right page.

Porkchop decides to plant some strawberry plants, and I add spinach to my greens list.

We buy a trashcan for growing potatoes.

We are going crazy with planning things!

Tomorrow evening, we’re finally going to actually plant things! Carrots, beets, onions, lettuce, spinach, and peas!

The onion sets came into our possession this afternoon from our neighborhood gardening store. Like many establishments in our neighborhood, it was initially difficult for us to ascertain the status of the store. Is it open? Is it closed? Is it closed closed? What the hell, is this how it always looks?

We finally figured out that this is how it always looks:

In some areas, this would pass for an abandoned building, no?

But, signs of life cropped up a couple of weeks ago!

Plants! Live! (As opposed to the layers of dead plants that litter the area.)

Onion sets are $1.75 a pound here, and the guy has red, yellow, and white. In addition to onion sets, you can buy parakeets.

So, by the looks of these pictures, you wouldn’t guess that we had maybe an inch of snow lying about this morning! I would have planted things today, but the air was a tad chilly. Instead we purchased more seeds and a couple of strawberry plants.

Let the growing begin! (please!)

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