FB Complaining (Or, Jesus!)

Earlier this week, I finally joined Goodreads. I realized that I’m starting to forget what I’ve read, so I appreciate having a place to track my books.

But I know it will be only a few months until I stop updating my Goodreads account. Just like my Ravelry projects page, I imagine I will abandon it at some point.

With Goodreads, Ravelry, and Facebook, I’m starting to feel overstimulated and overexposed. And I don’t even Tweet or Blip!

The main problem, I think, is Facebook. There are so many status updates, and many of them annoy me. But I can’t just skip the annoying ones and move on! I read them and my blood pressure goes up…my forehead frowns and I sigh.

So now I’m taking steps to alleviate the problem. If you only post about what your kid is doing, I’ve blocked you. Whenever you publish a quiz result, I block that quiz application (Hey people, do you know you don’t have to publish your quiz result! I take quizzes without publishing my results because although I find it humorous to learn my Crayola crayon color is cornflower, I know other people don’t give a rat’s ass, and I don’t want to overpopulate their homepage feed.) If you post updates every 5 minutes regarding what’s happening on the Apprentice, I’m blocking you.

I only wish I could block ALL updates from some people. Because I don’t really care if someone with whom I haven’t spoken in 12 years becomes a fan of Jesus, yet it still shows up in the sidebar highlights feed.

Which brings me to a tangential point….

Jesus and God have Facebook pages.

I would like to know who took it upon themselves to make these pages…because I don’t think it was divine creation.

Isn’t that a bit presumptuous? Did someone ask WWJD, only to have the answer be “create a Facebook page”?

(By the way, God has more fans than Jesus. By nearly 300,000.)

Sometimes I think I should create a new Facebook account. To start fresh with people who are REALLY my friends and with whom I’ve had meaningful interactions, and leave the other account for all those people I never spoke to growing up and who have now donned rose-colored spectacles with which they view the past.

I wonder if Jesus and God feel the same way. Of course, they’re probably a bit more forgiving than I am, a bit more ready to excuse others’ transgressions and whatnot.

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