The Weekend List

Y’all, I am STOKED for the weekend! The only thing that could make it better would be Porkchop and me not working today.

Here is our list of possible weekend activities:

  • Plant things. This is a for-sure activity. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and tomatillos MUST go into the ground tomorrow. We have had a sad development in our plant raising – it appears that the biggest tomato plants and many of the pepper plants have developed bacterial leaf spot. Probably because I didn’t put a fan in the bathroom to allow for proper air circulation. It sucks. BUT, the squash and melons are sprouting like gangbusters. They are big and amazing, and I can’t wait to plant them!
  • Bike ride! Also a for-sure activity. I want to bike somewhere for Sunday brunch, and Porkchop wants to bike downtown for a Cards-Cubs game.
  • Baseball game. See above. (I am dragging my feet on this one because I was just at a sporting event last weekend! And you know how I feel about these things!)
  • Earth Day festival at Forest Park.
  • Herb sale in Webster Groves.
  • Greater St. Louis Book Fair.
  • Make waffles. Because we received maple syrup in our Fair Shares pickup, and it would be a shame to not crack it open right away.
  • Eat more Salume Beddu‘s mostarda. This stuff is a revelation! It’s described as an “Italian chutney,” and it’s full of dried fruit, mustard seeds, and chile flakes. It’s spicy and not-too-sweet, and it’s my new favorite thing. We also received this in this week’s share. Fortunately, I’ll be able to pick up more as needed once the Tower Grove farmers’ market starts up (opening day is May 9!).

I’m sure I left off something! It will be a super-fabulous weekend! Enjoy yours as well!

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