Recent Food Things

Hello, I’m finally writing about food again…

Tonight I made two new-to-me dishes: tamarind orange glazed tofu and roasted kale. The tofu received two thumbs way up from Porkchop and me. The kale…was a different story. Porkchop took one taste and declined the rest of her serving. I was rather intrigued by it and couldn’t stop eating it. Roasted kale is like a kale cracker, and kind of reminded me of papadum (a stretch, I know, but that’s what I thought of while eating the kale).

The roasted kale was mainly a good way to use up the huge thing of kale included in our Fair Shares pick up. I love my vegetables, but I’m not the biggest kale eater.

On another note, we received beef stew meat in our share…any suggestions for it? I’m still not a big beef eater, so I’ve never ventured into beef stews.

BBC Asian Cafe
Last night we tried this little eatery in the CWE. It has recently reopened since being closed for a remodel, a renaming, and a menu retooling, but since we never went to the original restaurant, I can’t make a comparison. All I can say is that my unagi crepe was pretty darn good. Eel, avocado, cheese, and some spicy-ish sauces. Unagi is one of my favorite foods, so I was quite happy! Porkchop had a crepe with chicken, basil, and a creamy sauce…rather standard.

The red bean milk tea (sans boba for me) was pretty good too. However, I felt silly drinking it because it was served in the Biggest Chalice Ever.

Unfortunately, the summer rolls were a huge disappointment. The noodles were a big mushy mash, and the wrapper was super gummy. Overall, they didn’t pack a lot of taste, save for the fresh mint leaves.

Of course, after experiencing Banh Mih So #1, it’s hard to have other spring/summer rolls.

All in all, alright, but we probably won’t go back unless there is a compelling reason.

La Dolce Via
Is back! Okay, they reopened a few months ago, but yay! They’re back!

We stopped in a couple of weeks ago for dessert.

Yum, yum, yum! I had the flourless chocolate hazelnut torte, which was kind of like eating a giant Ferrero Rocher candy, only a million times better. Porkchop had a piece of the Elizabetta cake: vanilla sponge cake infused with sweetened lemon juice, layered with lemon curd, and frosted with lemon cream.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, if you’ve never been to La Dolce Via…GO!

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