I Didn’t Know Beans

Grow so quickly!

We planted our pole beans at the beginning of May, and they are already taller than the trellis and are blooming. See:

Bean flowers!

Meanwhile, the sugar snap peas are finally coming out. It has taken forever. I can’t wait to enjoy these guys:

Today was a work day for me. I pulled out junky plants from the yard and pruned the tomato plants. The tomatoes really shot up in the past two weeks, and they are totally out of control. I’m hoping the pruning restores some order without hurting them (I took off quite a few branches).

Our squash plants are in desperate need for their trellis supports. Although we intended on installing these today, we were both too tired from other things. So, tomorrow, tomorrow.

After cleaning up and making dinner, we went over to South Grand and enjoyed dessert at the Gelateria. My dish of chocolate and coconut was delicious, and I plan to stop by a lot more often this summer.

A snack of gelato called for a walk in Tower Grove Park, which was packed with families holding events in the pavilions. And understandably so as the weather was perfect.

I hope tomorrow is just as nice. Porkchop is playing in an ice hockey scrimmage (yay!), and I imagine I will do more garden and yard work (it really is never-ending).

Have a great Sunday!

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