Six Month Review

The 64/40 Construction Countdown sign displayed 6 Months 0 Days this morning, which means it’s time to check in on this year’s goals. Here’s the list with comments in bold:

  • Plant my own vegetable garden! Done!
  • Can my own food! Started with jam!
  • Figure out my career. In progress! I’m applying to a part-time masters program…more on that when I’m actually taking classes.
  • House maintenance: paint inside, paint the foundation, finish the drylocking in the basement, put up that additional downspout, fix up the backyard….this list could get quite long. Um, hmmm. Currently picking out paint colors for the first floor. House maintenance is hard.
  • Learn how to knit Fair Isle-style. It is so time to do this. There are still six months left to do this.
  • Do more baking! I’ve fallen behind this past year sadly. Sort of.
  • Secret project with Porkchop. Maybe more details later. Still in planning phase.

In other news, check out my nautiloid!

It’s going out to a friend as part of my Making Things 2009 project on Facebook.

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