What a Feeling…

To have the pain and pressure relieved from my lower back for at least a few hours!!!!! I have not felt this for years…at least a dozen.

While I’ve always accepted the uncomfortableness in my lower back as just the way things are, I finally saw someone about it when it started to hurt when I walked. I’m too young to be in pain while out for a stroll!

It turns out that I have instability in my lower back due to a vertebra in my sacrum not fusing completely (also known as spina bifida occulta, which isn’t uncommon). My L-5 vertebra (the one right above my partially fused S-1) also sits up quite a bit higher than one normally should. And I have some curvature in there, and my poor L-2 vertebra has borne the brunt of all of this. While most of my lumbar vertebrae look like happy puffy marshmallows, L-2 is kind of crumpled and sad looking.

This morning I saw the sports medicine guy again, and he did some lovely massage (as opposed to the painful deep tissue acupressure last week). But, the best part is the stretching table that he uses. He’s able to do a circular motion with my lower body while my upper body stays flat, with the flexion point exactly where my lower back is tightest.

It’s awesome. I would like to feel like this forever.

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