It’s Scary, Really

How quickly October has passed! It seems like I was just feeling better from my little virus, and then I was sick again for a week with stupid allergies, and now it is today and less than a week left in this month. I know it’s always the same old lament, oh woe, there isn’t enough time, but really, WTF?

Besides being down with allergies, I’ve also been working away on my class stuff. In October alone I conducted two interviews, did two observation procedures, and conducted a survey, as well as wrote all of these up in reports. In November, I get to do more of the same for my final project. It’s actually rather fun!

Other things in October….

Apples! We didn’t pick any more, but we purchased a big bag from Eckert’s and canned apple butter and apple preserves:

The apple preserves (on the right) are nice and lemony and nutmeg-y. The apple butter (on the left) is very fall-like with cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, but it didn’t get super thick. If you like applesauce, you would like our apple butter. I do, but next year I might try a crockpot recipe to see if it gets thicker.

Porkchop also made the most delicious apple pie using this recipe:

This is totally my favorite apple pie ever. I’m not a big apple pie fan because I think most are too sugary and rely on cinnamon too much. But this one doesn’t use cinnamon, uses a lot less sugar, and has strong lemon notes in it. And raisins! Love! I’ve requested it for Thanksgiving. By the way, I reserved our turkey today, even put down a deposit on it. Which felt kind of weird.

When we went to Eckert’s for apples, we also picked up a few mums, two pumpkins, and ornamental corn. We also purchased ornamental gourds at the farmers’ market.
I love our little gourd buddies:

Over the weekend, I made these pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing:

I made them mini size, which is a good thing because the icing is really powerful. I took these to our neighborhood meeting last night. After having to rig up this contraption to protect the sweet little cakes, I see why people buy those cake carrier things:

How many times will I have to construct this sort of thing out of foil and plastic wrap before I break down and purchase an honest-to-goodness carrier?

Have a great week!

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