A Case of the Twitchies

My right eye has been twitching for more than a week.

The day it started, it was big jerking twitches. Now it has settled into a subtle twitch-twitch, twitch-twitch.

If I didn’t know me, I’d think I was shifty-eyed and up to no good. A louse, a rat.

It’s driving me to my breaking point. Last night I went to bed at 9:30, and while I awoke fully refreshed, the twitching was still there.

It slowly wears me down. By this afternoon, I will have a headache and my eyes will hurt.

I made an appointment with an eye doctor person, but it isn’t until February 17. Two weeks! In two weeks, I will have pulled out all of my hair and started hitting myself as a distraction from the twitchies.


Here I am last Friday, getting ready to enjoy the Fountain on Locust’s brownie in a cup (thanks to a gift certificate from Suzi and Dale!). For comparison, I’m also pictured with Porkchop’s dessert: the world’s smallest ice cream cone (in butter pecan). (P.S. This picture also shows my tilted duster in action. Unfortunately, it’s too dark to see my clapotis in action, but it’s there too.)

People can keep their semifreddoes and panna cottas and tortes and whathaveyou because the brownie in a cup is perfection. It’s a made-from-scratch brownie topped with vanilla ice cream (imported from Wisconsin), made-from-scratch hot fudge sauce, real whipped cream, and homemade candied orange peel. So, it’s essentially something I would make at home. The brownie is blissfully free from that icky industrial-brownie taste, the hot fudge is delightfully fudgy, and everything else is just plain-and-simple delicious.

I would like to eat one everyday. And if my eye continues to twitch, maybe I will.

3 thoughts on “A Case of the Twitchies

  1. Thx for the "love" for our Brownie in a Cup! Be sure to post your pix to our Facebook Fan page http://ow.ly/13VlZCome see us again soon! :)The Fountain On Locust http://twitter.com/Fountain_Locust

  2. Anonymous says:

    I too am plagued with the same right eye twitch. 30 years of intermittant twitchies. Usually stress induced, and yes, I recall the day the twitchies started.

  3. cj says:

    hot duster!!!! I am working on Daybreak by Stephen West–love his designs. weird about the eye twitches. You had them intermittently when you guys lived here I think–though I remember the eye squeaking more.have you ever shown pics of your clap? I love mine and would make another but there just so many good patterns to try!!!

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