Monthly Archives: March 2010

Happy Things from the Past Month

We’ve had some good times since I last posted. I’m saving the best for last, but from earliest to latest is:

Watching Antiques Roadshow with Keetah and Porkchop. I don’t know why I look so joyful, so excited in this photo…maybe because I had a Monday night free to sit on the couch and watch people’s junk turn into treasures. (Antiques Roadshow = my all-time favorite show.)

Getting donuts from the Donut Drive-In. Sometimes, you need a good donut and some chocolate milk.

Going to the zoo after eating donuts!

Playing scrabble with Keetah. She’s a tough competitor.

Getting a new bathroom (sort of). A before picture, minus the sink and medicine cabinet:

The bathroom after all of Porkchop’s hard work:

A million times better! I actually enjoy being in the bathroom now (you’ll note the bathroom is tiny; the new sink and cabinet make it seem much more spacious).

Knitting Little Sister’s Dress for my college roommate’s baby.

My college roommate gave me the mug below when she went to Wyoming. It’s weird to think I’ve had this mug for over ten years, and that my roommate now has two kids. Whenever I use the mug, I think of my old roommate. Today, I used it for tea while enjoying a piece of whole wheat banana bread (my favorite banana bread recipe – the whole wheat adds a perfect nuttiness).

Best News of All

My eye stopped twitching!

It happened nearly a month ago, a little after my last post. Early on, I was worried about telling people, thinking I’d jinx it and then be stuck twitching again.

Maybe it was coincident, maybe not….But the night it stopped twitching, I was popping popcorn on the stove. When the test kernels popped, hot oil spattered up on my face, even though I was shielding the pot with a lid. The oil hit my face, including a spot near my eye. I yelled from the pain (but then went back to popping).

Later that night, my eye twitch started sputtering out. When I was getting ready for bed, I thought perhaps it had stopped. So I checked the mirror and was elated to find it was true!! But sure enough, it started again. And then stopped again.

While the constant twitch has stopped, my eye and surrounding muscles seem to be healing still. There are still bad twitch days, like last week when my mouth twitched for two days. And there are times when my face has the pins-and-needles sensation you get when blood rushes back to a foot that has fallen asleep. Yesterday, the entire area around my right eye, including my forehead, twitched a few times, which was quite disconcerting.

I am so thankful the constant twitching stopped, and continues to remain stopped. I’m especially glad that it stopped before my Botox appointment! Since I had my twitch for more than a month, I expect it will take at least 3 months for my face to feel normal again.

Thanks for all of your thoughts while I was a twitchy mess!