New Food on Grand

It’s Porkchop’s first night back in town, so I bowed out of knitting and we grabbed pizza and ice cream on Grand. Both establishments are new, and both hit the spot.

Slices so big you have to fold them.

First up, National Pizza (I’m giving them a break on the website that still contains placeholder text because it’s a small operation and very new). Doors opened this past Friday, and the pizza is fast and fresh.

The hook for this place is that they serve St. Louis, Chicago, and New York style pizzas, the owner having worked in pizza joints in all three cities. Porkchop and I each enjoyed a slice of New York style pizza. And by slice, I mean a quarter of a pizza. I ordered mine with tomato, bacon, and spinach, and was more than pleased.

What better to follow pizza than ice cream, especially when it’s good ol’ Central Dairy?? Nothing!

Tower Grove Creamery recently opened in the corner shop at Grand and Arsenal. This is such a busy corner, I don’t know why things can’t stick.

Tiger Tracks! I have school spirit when it's in ice cream form.

When we lived just a few houses down from the corner, it was a flower shop, then a clothing store that lasted two days, and then a ridiculously expensive ice cream chain based in Boston (Emack and Bolio’s). And now ice cream is back!

Guess what Boston? We don’t need your $10 ice cream cones! We have Central Dairy! At the Central Dairy ice cream shop in Jefferson City, cones are $1.00. Or they were when I was at Mizzou. However, I didn’t mind paying the $3 for a single scoop waffle cone at Tower Grove Creamery (after the Emack and Bolio prices, this was a steal). I enjoyed my Tiger Tracks very much, and we’ll be sure to be back for more ice cream this summer.

(Two things disturb me in the ice cream photo: 1) I’m clutching my napkin like my life depends upon it, and 2) When did my neck get so veiny? Do I always look like that when I eat? So very disturbing.)

Two new great places on Grand! Check them out!

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