Comparison and Conundrum

When Porkchop left last Friday for her Disney trip, this is what I purchased at the grocery store for my time alone: a whole free-range, sustainably raised Greenwood Farms chicken; pepper Goatsbeard Farm goat cheese (the best!); jasmine rice; and lemongrass.

I’m going away this weekend to visit my parents. This is what Porkchop purchased at the grocery store for her time alone: a 6-pack of Bud Select, a steak, Chicken VoilĂ , and little chocolate donuts.

To each, her own.


Porkchop and I have a 5-year plan that includes being credit card debt-free. We also need to get one wall of our house tuckpointed this summer to stop moisture seepage and water damage. This will cost around $3,000 (and that’s without waterproofing). This is a good chunk of our savings.

We also want need to buy a new desktop computer. Our current iMac is from 2001. If we try to put the new Adobe Creative Suite on it, it will come to a grinding halt. And possibly burst into a fiery mess.

And I want to take a couple more classes this year, and Porkchop will probably play ice hockey.

BUT…I also really want a new bicycle. I’ve wanted one for a while, but last summer I told myself that I maybe I would get one next (this) summer. But the new expense of tuckpointing kind of ruins this, now doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, I let myself get carried away the other day, and we went to the Trek store and I test rode this little bike:

Perfect size, perfect color.

It’s a basic hybrid bike, and on the lower end of the price scale, but still a little over the $500 mark. And it would require other expenses: rack, panniers, new seat, and foot cages (or bike shoes and different pedals, but cages are cheaper and okay with me). I would also want to purchase a couple pairs of bike shorts. Because, you see, I want to take a bike trip on the Katy Trail. I want to either bike to Columbia and take the Megabus back, or bike on to Sedalia and take the Amtrak back to St. Louis. Such a trip would require panniers and bike shorts, of which I have neither.

The biggest requirement of the trip is a new bike. I love my current bike, but my love is really a result of nostalgia. I purchased my bike 12 years ago, and it took me through college with nary a flat. It also took me on many 40-mile bike rides on the Katy Trail around Columbia. For a couple of years, I rode my bike every day.

But now Dusty (my bike) is old and tired. And heavy! At least 4 times heavier than the bike I test rode, and I feel it every time I carry Dusty out of the basement. She also has some bent gear teeth and other idiosyncrasies.

Everything points to a new bike, with the big exception of our budget.

Boo for budgets and trying to be responsible.


3 thoughts on “Comparison and Conundrum

  1. Porkchop says:

    Carrie’s alone-time purchases:

    Whole Organic Chicken: $20
    Fancy Goat Cheese: $10
    Jasmine Rice & Lemongrass: $5
    Total = $35

    Porkchop’s alone-time purchases:

    6pk Bud Select: $6
    Little Chocolate Donuts: $1
    Steak: $8
    Chicken Voila: $4
    Total = $19

    The moral of this story??? If we’re gonna get you that bike, we all need to tighten our belt and eat more little chocolate donuts!

  2. cj says:

    love new blog! So mobile friendly!

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