Summer Calculus

With a heat index of around 104 today, the sultry days of summer have made an early appearance here in St. Louis. The average for this time is 86. Oh, how I miss manageable 86!

With a temperature of 92 and humidity providing an extra 12 degrees, it is time for hard-core melt-your-brain mental calculations.

I had to walk to the University Center at 12:15 today to pick up my new Metro pass. The center is approximately a quarter-mile away, which isn’t far at all unless you’re walking through hot soupy air! Given the angle of the sun and the heat index, I calculated and re-calculated how quickly I could walk while sweating the least. My fastest pace would have meant less time in the heat, but it also would have meant sweatier clothing.

Additionally, I had to take into account the hazy cloud cover that we had. While I usually walk a bit out of my way to take advantage of shade, this time I decided the extra walking time in the sluggish air would not result in less sweat.

It’s complicated math, and I feel like I should break out my TI-85.

(Do kids still use TI-85s, or did I just date myself to calculus class circa 1995?)

(P.S. The heat index just rose a degree to 105. Ugh.)


One thought on “Summer Calculus

  1. EBuz says:

    Ooh, I remember when I got my TI-85 (black). It was a major upgrade from the TI-81 (blue).

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