Holding Steady

I’m here at work, and I just opened my birthday card from my coworkers (PS my birthday isn’t until next week). The front has a picture of river stones and two Gerbera daisies. Inside, one of faculty members wrote, “That’s you – the rock.”

At work, I’m known for remaining collected during stressful periods while other people lose their cool and go batshit crazy.

My secret is that I usually feel detached from my work. It isn’t my passion, so I don’t see the point in freaking out. While I admire the work of the people here, I’m not the one making headlines. To me it’s just work, and not something to stress out about. The work will always get done in an efficient and professional manner, so no need to sweat.

Today, however, has been different. This morning I could not maintain my equanimity, and my hearted pounded in anger. And the ridiculous thing is that it was all over a simple email blast!

Currently our school is in transition from one CRM to another, and this is one of our last days to use the current system. After tomorrow, there will be a few weeks during which we’re testing the new one, and therefore can’t send out email blasts.

So, I basically had yesterday afternoon and today to get out our quarterly email blast. And it was as though the stupid CRM knew that we are abandoning it. Nothing worked correctly, which is one of our reasons for switching!

I would format the email perfectly in Dreamweaver, and then copy the code to the CRM. Once there, the email would fall apart and the CRM would insert humongous spaces all over the place.

With my right eye on the verge of twitching, I worked and reworked and recreated things to no avail. I was at the end of my rope. And then someone who has never used the system said, “Well, have you tried this?” and I wanted to spit flames in the person’s face and say, “You fucking try to do it, Smarty McSmartypants!! Who are YOU to question me?!!!” But instead I said, “Well, hmmm, the system is crap and even that would be crap. The whole thing is crapped out. Crap.”

After going back to my office and watching some Over the Rhine songs on YouTube, I tried one final approach, which was to make a plain email with just a couple of logos in it.

And that’s how it went out to the masses. Plain and nothing fancy, but nothing crappily wrong. Of course, no one who sees it will know how much of a pain in the ass it was to put together. I spent 7 hours on the stupid thing, for crying out loud.

I told the IT Director that I am ready to kick the old CRM out the door and that I hate it with all of my heart.

Then I took a long lunch and leisurely strolled to the Kaldi’s on DeMun. Walking through the neighborhood of stately 1920s manses with clay tile roofs while listening to Mika’s Love Today made me feel better.

(Thanks to Porkchop for setting up my new iPod last night!)

A cranberry-and-apple salad and grande decaf iced turtle latte later, I was back to normal. Steady, equanimous, and not caring so much about work.

Still, I’ve decided to skip knitting tonight and get my psyche back in order with some laps at the Y. The pool is a good place to gather your thoughts, or to not think!


2 thoughts on “Holding Steady

  1. cj says:

    I love that song and it is my pick me upper as well. Xoxo

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