Earlier this week, Porkchop and I stopped at the Schnuck’s on Clayton Road to pick up a couple of dressed fish for some visiting artists who are demonstrating a traditional Japanese style of printmaking to Porkchop’s class. Neither fish nor printmaking is the point of the post.

The point is that we entered the grocery store through a side door. A door that leads through a Kaldi’s coffee shop located inside Schnuck’s.

“WHAT is this??!!” is what I exclaimed upon being caught off guard by animal-print and fake leather sofas and laminate wood flooring.

It isn’t that I’m blown away by the coffee-shop-inside-a-grocery-store concept, it’s that I’m always aghast at the differences between the Schnuck’s on Clayton and the Schnuck’s on South Grand.

The two could not be more different. One has a fancy cooking demonstration area, one has….well, not a fancy cooking demonstration. The store on South Grand is dirty and gross and makes me feel like a criminal.

The coffee shop with sofas is just another blow.

Here’s a concept for you, Schnuck’s, give the people on South Grand a nicer store and maybe you’ll be surprised. If you treat people like dirt, you can only expect them to treat you like shit. You don’t have to install a coffee shop…just make things cleaner and not institution-like.

Dear Schnuck’s: Another reason I despise your stores.

Right Place, Right Time

On a more positive note, yesterday Porkchop and  I were at Home Depot loading some plywood and shingles into a borrowed van (for a project to be revealed soon). We noticed a professionally dressed woman striding towards us, asking if we needed help loading things.

Porkchop and I both thought: Why is Home Depot sending out a supervisor to help us load our stuff? It’s nice, but weird. Are they watching us on a video camera and think we’re screwing up?

Then we realized the woman is a friend of ours and just happened to be at the store too. She helped us load up stuff, despite her professional trappings.

It’s good to have friends, even if you don’t recognize them at first.

One thought on “WHAT is THIS?

  1. Rebekah says:

    I have the same problem with Schnuck’s. The one in Alton is boring and kind of ugly. Edwardsville’s Schnuck’s store is clean and bright. I’m fairly certain, however, that both Schnuck’s stores have equally expensive food.

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