Pecking Profiles

We’ve had our flock for less than a week, and the pecking order is already quite clear. Here’s the rundown…


Scout, Top Hen

From the moment she left the cardboard box, it was clear who was in charge. Scout is always on the alert, not to protect the flock as much as to take away the other hens’ food. She pecks, and she pecks hard. You don’t want to mess with her.


Scooter, Second in Command and Contender for Top Hen

Scooter zips around and likes to confront the other hens. If anyone will dethrone Scout, it will be Scooter. She doesn’t back down, and even pecks back at Scout to protect the other hens. Don’t turn your back on her because she will take advantage of the situation.

June Wayne

June Wayne, Small and Fast

Tough, tiny, and always a blur, June Wayne lives up to her namesake, the artist who founded the Tamarind Institute. She might be smaller and younger, but that won’t stop her.


Sweet Agnes, Bottom Hen

Agnes is meek and mellow, the sweetest hen in the flock. And Scout makes sure Agnes knows her place is at the bottom. It’s heartbreaking.

Let’s Roost HERE

The chickens thought this was a great roosting spot, but I tend to disagree.

Roosting on the potato plants, always a good idea.

Keetah Pays Little Mind

Keetah doesn’t get all that excited about the chickens, unlike I had predicted. She doesn’t make her special bird noise, which is kind of disappointing. Sometimes when she is outside, she assumes a weird crouched posture, like she’s waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack.

But mainly she doesn’t seem to care.

Hens, schmens.

2 thoughts on “Pecking Profiles

  1. Alessandra says:

    Awesome chicken descriptions. I’m not all that surprised that Keetha could care less. Cats are weird that way. But I guess that works best for everyone. Now she can still hang out in the backyard and you don’t have to worry. Or do you? ;-)

  2. cj says:

    I like that Keetah looks absolutely pissed off. She is my special friend.

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