The Long Summer

This summer just keeps going, and my enthusiasm is unfortunately waning. Of the five summers I’ve spent in St. Louis, this is the hottest one yet and I’m tired of it. We’re slated to have at least two more days this week with highs around 100.


It’s hot, and my garden stuff is not going well. So, for me, I’m ready to kick summer to the curb.

Last weekend saw us doing fun summer activities like fixing the dishwasher and replacing our sump pump. Porkchop did the dishwasher repair, and it was not fun at all. It required two trips to hardware stores and some irritation. The sump pump was easier, and we love our new sump pump. Goodbye stupid float, hello water sensor switch.

Sunday saw some enjoyment, at least. We started our day with an easy, scenic 14-mile bike ride on Grant’s Trail. Although I’m not a Real Biker (yet), I’m at least trying to look the part.

Faking it as a biker. Luckily you can't see the Keen sandals on my feet. (Also, yes, I'm posing in front of a composting toilet.)

After the ride, we attended two baby showers. Two!

For about four months now, I’ve been working with other neighborhood association members on our first big event, the Broadway Art-A-Fair. The fair was yesterday, and it was quite successful. We had 10 artists selling stuff, a guy doing pencil portraits, two bands played, St. Louis Hoop Club did hoop performances, a capoeira group did a demonstration, a local restaurant sold food, and we sold drinks and baked items. The fair was held outside the old firehouse in our neighborhood, and the first floor was open for people to look around.

Hooping outside the firehouse.

The awesome firehouse interior. Love the ceiling, love the enameled brick.

Old circus banner hanging in the firehouse. The banner is huge! At least 8 feet tall.

It was a great day! For our first fair, it was a really good turnout. I only wish I could have stayed for everything, but I had to leave early for Porkchop’s cousin’s wedding.

(I’ve been to a bridal shower, two baby showers, and a wedding this summer…not that anyone’s counting.)

I desperately wanted to sleep in today after yesterday’s events, but Keetah wouldn’t let me. She woke me up at 6:50 and left me in a bad mood.

I was so grumbly, I had to go to the Y and swim it out. The chlorine in the pool is so strong, it even kills bad moods.

In the afternoon, I made this zucchini cake with crunchy lemon glaze. I think mine turned out pretty well.


This cake was a community effort. My friend Ale gave me the zucchini, and my neighbor Tom lent me his Bundt pan. While it might be a tad underbaked, it is quite moist and will be perfect with tea tomorrow.

Lastly, Porkchop has been trying to become the chickens’ buddy. The other night she climbed into the coop and caused feathers to be ruffled by accosting and petting Agnes and Scooter. Here she is with Agnes.

Please be my friend!

All I want for next week is to get through the heat without our electricity going out (which it did last week twice in the same hot night). However you measure it, I hope you have a good week as well.

One thought on “The Long Summer

  1. Alessandra says:

    Busy, hot summer! Thanks so much for the piece of zucchini cake. It is DELICIOUS!

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