Spin Me Right Round

Yesterday afternoon at 4:00, I was struck with dizziness, and I’ve been plagued by it since then. I think it’s a combination of fatigue, low blood pressure, and the heat. In any case, I don’t like it.

You know I feel bad when I decide to skip the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market.


We did, however, stop by the Mud House for brunch. Last night I saw a picture of the Nutella and Nanners crepe, and I started craving it big time. It probably isn’t what the doctor would suggest for someone with the dizzies, but it’s darn good.

Nutella, bananas, and more Nutella. And then some more Nutella.

And then we went home and watched a bad gay movie, Make the Yuletide Gay. The Netflix instant play pool is really kind of small, thus this laughable movie. (Another sign I feel bad: I watched a movie at 11 am.)

We went out to REI after the movie and procured a new bike helmet for Porkchop. I’m hoping to feel tons better tomorrow and go on a bike ride.

After REI, it was back home to watch a baseball game (see – another sign I feel like crap!). I knitted during the game on a new project, Springtime Bandit. I’m loving this pattern! Easy, but not boring.


During the game, Porkchop went outside and came back with potatoes!

Potato success!

One potato, two potato...

More potatoes!

After last year’s letdown, we’re pretty happy with this harvest. If the chickens hadn’t turned the potato plants into a roost, maybe we would have more. Note for next year: build chicken-proof potato area.

All for now…

2 thoughts on “Spin Me Right Round

  1. Alessandra says:

    Hope you are no longer dizzy… sucks.
    I miss nutella and have dreams about it. Darn high triglycerides!
    I’m so impressed with your potatoes. What will you cook with them? Yumm.
    Your new shawl looks fantastic, can’t wait to see it in person ;-)

    • carrie says:

      Can you have at least a smidge of Nutella??

      Plans for potatoes: potato-cheese soup this week and we had some in chicken pot pie last night. They’re tasty!

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