Bicycle Goings-On

A couple of days ago, I was driving down our street and I saw something that amused me to no end. While I was stopped at a light, a guy rode his bike across the street. I noted that, instead of a water bottle, he was carrying an open Busch tallboy in his water bottle holder.

I love our neighborhood.

During our bike ride on Sunday, we stuck to carrying boring old water.

Go team!

I had selected a 22.9 mile loop from Madison County’s awesome trail system, but we missed the turn-off for the Heritage Trail and ended up going on a 25.7 mile loop.

Porkchop accused me of being happy that we missed the turn-off. While I denied it at the time, I was secretly happy.

With trails that go through forests, by lakes, and other lovely environs, we will definitely take many more bike trips across the river!


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