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Fun Times Up North

Last weekend we headed up to Madison to visit old pals.

Our friend Kathy, currently a resident of Peru, was in the country and having a solo show in Rockford, Illinois. We wouldn’t miss Kathy and the opening for anything! Our friend Sabrina also flew in from Dallas for the show, so it was quite a reunion.

This is my favorite print from Kathy’s show:


Everything was beautiful, of course. You can view (and buy!) more work on Kathy’s website.

That night, someone might or might not have been killed in our hotel. Seriously. Some weird shit went down at the Radisson after a wedding reception held there.

Even with all of the commotion, we woke up bright and early to head out for Madison and the farmers’ market. I was super excited, but then I realized I’m kind of over the downtown market. It’s fun every once in a while, but the crowd is a killer.

Carried along with the crowd at the farmers' market.

After the market, we met up with friend and former co-worker Darcie for lunch at Lao Laan Xang. It is a shame I don’t have a picture to document the lunch! It was delicious, and I was happy to catch up with Darcie. I was also happy to receive a jar of brandied cherries. Yum! I can’t wait to crack open the jar.

Saturday afternoon was spent hanging out at Patrick’s apartment (sans Patrick, however) and walking around on State Street. I commented to Porkchop that the crowd on State Street was not the Madison crowd I remember. Then I realized that it was Labor Day, the first weekend of university, and Taste of Madison. Perhaps Madison has not truly been overtaken by douchy people.

The evening was spent at Tracy and Mark’s house. Tracy runs a letterpress shop at the UW, and Mark is a physicist. They are everything I aspire to be when I’m in my 50s: confident, intelligent, witty, kind, and owners of an amazing mid-century modern house.

For an appetizer, Sabrina made us pancetta nests which we topped with goat cheese and pear slices. Delicious!

Sabrina during a contemplative moment.

The main courses included sliders, potato-pesto-green-bean salad, and deviled eggs. Dessert was a fig tart with caramelized sugar. Yum!

Kathy O is low on wine.

Sunday was another super pleasant day, which started with brunch at Graze with Carmen. While Porkchop drove, Carmen and I rode her little racing bikes. For the past 20 years or so, I’ve ridden bikes on which I sit up higher and straighter than one does on racing bikes. SO, it was really wild to ride a racing bike from the early 1980s!!

In addition to maintaining a different posture, I had to adjust my balance. I nearly fell off many times! ALSO, the bikes were made special for shorter women, and the front tire is quite a bit smaller than the back tire.

I seriously thought I was going to eat the pavement during the ride! I kept yelling to Carmen: THIS IS SO DIFFERENT. OH MY GOSH! THIS IS SO DIFFERENT! AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!

On the way back from the restaurant, I totally cut off some SUVs and did other bad bike etiquette stuff because I felt so out of control on the bike.

All in all, it was really fun – the highlight of the trip, really.

These bikes look cute, but they're scary as heck to ride.

Visiting with Carmen, who we hadn’t seen in over two years, was also really great. But those bikes…

The rest of the trip was filled with art business and having Monday brunch with one of Porkchop’s former hockey teammates.

Next Trip

We leave tomorrow morning for Albuquerque. Yay, New Mexico! I’m looking forward to more tasty food and fun times!

Have a great weekend!