Tea and Toast

My favorite breakfast is a simple one, tea and toast, and one that I can only enjoy on the weekends.

Toast seems quick, but when I say toast, I mean cinnamon-sugar toast. Because, really, is there any other kind of toast?

This toast isn’t for the quick, on-the-run weekday breakfast. First, you melt some butter and brush it on your bread in an even coat completely covering the slices. Next, you sprinkle on sugar in an equally even coating (also, don’t be stingy or greedy with the sugar). Last, you dash out the cinnamon. This doesn’t necessarily have to be evenly distributed, but neither do you want huge clumps.

Once prepared, the slices go into a toaster oven for a length of time that allows the sugar to melt into a crisp shell, but does not allow the slices to burn.

Accompanied with a good black tea, this breakfast is savored slowly, but not so slowly that the toast or tea grows cold.

It’s all about balance.

Other Balancing

I have officially commenced studying for the GRE. Between class and the GRE, I am now studying for something in nearly every minute of free time. Armed with iPhone vocab flashcards (Porkchop presented me with an iPhone for an anniversary gift, and I must admit I’m enjoying having one!), I can study words whenever is most convenient!

Porkchop also partitioned our computer so that I can use the Windows-based practice tests available from a website that I shouldn’t mention.

While my previous scores would be perfectly fine according to the averages reported by various PT programs, my scores are 8 years old and no longer valid! Crikey!

All I have to say to the GRE this time is bring it! I have a study plan and a positive attitude, and the GRE isn’t going to bring me down.

2 thoughts on “Tea and Toast

  1. Here’s LB’s toast recipe. It’s awsome!

    Preheat broiler. Slather 1 slice of bread with softened butter (since it’s not melted, you can load more on). Cover with a thick coat of cinnamon sugar. Toast under broiler until sugar crust is crackling and bubbly.


    • carrie says:

      Ah, I see LB and I are in different butter camps! I’m more of a “just a dab.”

      Why, yes, I was raised by a woman who eschewed buttered toast! I am a rebel with my dab. However, I think I will try the softened butter some time!

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