One or the Other

With our increasingly busy schedules, it seems I can pick only one holiday in the upcoming marathon about which to be excited.

Last year it was Thanksgiving and Fall in general. By this time last year, I had already roasted two pumpkins and made all sorts of pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin-chocolate chip bread. The Thanksgiving dinner menu? Already planned by the end of October.

This year, my feeling is more, “Fall? What’s Fall?”

This is due partially to the weather. It was still in the 80s less than two weeks ago, and how can I be expected to get into the Fall spirit when I’m still wearing shorts?


However, this ambivalence is also due to the subliminal Christmas spirit preparation that has been happening at our house since July. Actually, it hasn’t been subliminal…there’s nothing subliminal about Porkchop playing the Pandora Christmas station in the middle of July! No exaggeration. It was July, and we had Christmas carols playing.

Porkchop has been priming the Christmas pump since July, and apparently it has worked!

Christmas! Can’t wait!

Gingerbread, stockings, candy canes, some cinnamon-evergreenish candles going…who’s ready to put up the tree?!

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