Found Time

You know what I love? Forgetting about the Fall time change until 7:30 Sunday morning. Because then it’s 6:30 and we have a whole extra hour to do something we might not have otherwise!

Like update this blog with a couple of food items!

Since school started for both of us, Porkchop and I have found we must prepare a big meal or two on Sunday to last us through Wednesday. With me in class until 9:30 on Mondays, and Porkchop working until 7:00 (teaching in the morning, and then managing the UPS Store afterwards), Monday is out cooking-wise. On Tuesdays, we either go to the gym or I meet my knitting group, so that’s usually out too.

Today, our usual cooking day, we’re meeting friends for lunch, and then going to Amanda’s younger brother’s place for a post-birthday dinner. But we still had to cook for the coming week! So yesterday saw a very busy kitchen.

For lunch, I made Mango Ginger Tofu from the Post Punk Kitchen blog, along with some steamed broccoli. It turned out pretty:

Steamy Tofu

But I still can’t decide whether it was worth all the effort. You have to cook the marinade, which I did Friday night. The dish was quite tasty, but I wanted to be really wowed after investing so much time. I might make it again, but maybe not.

Dinner was Chicken and White Bean Chili. This chili is super tasty, and I recommend it with no hesitation! This is our second time to make it, and only because I don’t want to over-make it and grow tired of it. I brought back a jar of New Mexico roasted green chilies from our recent trip, and I’ve been using those rather than roasting my own. Either way, it is tasty.

This photo is from a while back:

Keetah and the Chickens

Porkchop painted wooden cut-outs to customize our door’s wreath. She did a really great job with the chickens (Keetah, too, but the chickens impress me).

In other chicken news, Porkchop is building a permanent run for them this weekend. The time of free-ranging is coming to an end, as a cat tried to attack them earlier this week! Fortunately I happened to glance out the back window and chased the cat away before any harm was done. However, it was rather alarming.

Have a great Sunday! Keep your chickens safe!

3 thoughts on “Found Time

  1. Anthony says:

    Always on the lookout for a good white bean chicken chili recipe! Thank you.

  2. Darcie says:

    Love love love the wreath! It puts my grapevine + peacock feathers to shame! (And yes, peacock feathers. I know, I know, I don’t like birds, but this looks like I smacked a bird with the wreath, which makes me chuckle.)

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