Your Cat is Ripe

In my A&P lab, we’ve been dissecting cat muscles for the past month. At this point, the cats are getting quite stinky.


Our lab practical is Monday, and while I want more time to study, I’m ready to be finished with the cats. My lab partner and I had our cat graded yesterday, and we received 38 points out of 40 (an A). When I inquired about the 2-point deduction, the professor merely replied, “No one is perfect.”

That explanation might fly with an undergrad, but I’m not amused. Give me a score sheet and grading standards!

Anyway, some random observations about cat dissection:

  • Larger cats are easier to dissect. Ours is itty-bitty with wee muscles.
  • Cats with dissected forearms still have fur on the paw portion. This makes them look like they’re wearing mittens. Which means I picture dissected cats wearing mittens and dancing to Christmas carols.
  • Cats have a lot going on in their forearms.
  • I can no longer look at Keetah without imagining her muscles, which means I’m picturing her lying on a slab, dissected. Sadness.
  • Judging from a certain cardboard box in the lab, preserved cats can still go rotten. I would not want to be the one who lets the rotten cat out of the bag.

2 thoughts on “Your Cat is Ripe

  1. Porkchop says:

    I hope that your adventures in cat dissection will make you more open to stuffing Keetah when she dies.

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