I’ll Snap YOUR Ginger

This weekend has been full of studying…so much studying I can’t wait to take my lab practical tomorrow.

During breaks, Porkchop and I cooked two different types of cookies: chocolate chip-oatmeal-pecan and gingersnaps. The gingersnap recipe is from Good to the Grain (which I checked out from a library, but is also on my wishlist!), and the cookies turned out quite lovely.


I also poached an egg this morning for breakfast.

That doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment, but it was the first time for me to poach an egg without using a special egg poacher implement. I just slipped the egg into water with a splash of vinegar and simmered it. Magic! Crazy!

Perhaps eggs benedict will be on the breakfast menu next weekend. We certainly have enough eggs now.

Grisly Finds in the Backyard

This morning Porkchop happened upon a grisly scene in our backyard: a large spot of blood at the bottom of our deck steps, and part of a squirrel on our patio.

A raccoon (or what we think is a raccoon based on tracks) regularly tries to get into the chicken run. And since there were raccoon-ish tracks around the squirrel remains, we’re guessing the raccoon either killed the squirrel in our backyard, or brought it along and left it for us to find.

A warning maybe?

Your chickens are next?

2 thoughts on “I’ll Snap YOUR Ginger

  1. Porkchop says:

    Poached eggs are creepy.

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