Moldy Dreams

Last night I dreamt Porkchop and I moved from our house into a stinky old apartment with cracks in the cement walls and black mold growing out of the cracks.

I kept thinking, we should never have moved out of our house.

I hate dreams like that.

Also, I think I should seriously push for getting someone to regrout our showers. I worry about mold setting up behind the tile near the corners where the grout is loose. I worry about it a lot.

I’m also worried that I’ll totally bomb the math portion of the GRE. Last night I took a practice test and missed half of the math questions.

Not good.

The main issue is that I just don’t care about how to figure the area of various triangles. Or how to make ratios to relate areas of squares to areas of equilateral triangles, or what-have-you.

Geometry was never my strong suit. Well, basic 2-D geometry, anyway. Calculus and 3-D geometry stuff is another matter, however. Probably because it’s just much more interesting to imagine things in 3-D.

Anyway, I have a few weeks to get down to brass tacks and make myself relearn this basic geometry crap. Three weeks, and then I ‘ll take the darned test and forget about geometry again.

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