A Heavy Head Day

Saturday afternoon I felt really tired, and after going to the gym Sunday morning and feeling totally wiped out, I came to a dreaded realization.

I’m sick.

You know I don’t feel well when I spend 7 hours on the couch doing nothing. Not just because of my personal drive to do something, but because sitting/lying on the couch irritates my (apparently) chronic hip pain.

Moving means no hip pain. Sitting means lots of hip pain (like now – lots of pain). I’m working on the pain with myofascial release and by doing various leg weight machines at the gym. Also stretching. Lots of stretching.

Things are getting better in that the pain is more of hey, still here! instead of HAHAHAHAHA YOU THOUGHT YOU GOT RID OF ME 3 YEARS AGO? THINK AGAIN MF’ER ‘CAUSE I’M HERE TO CAUSE YOU MISERY.

So when I sit or lie down, the pain also settles in with a cup of tea and warm blanket and makes itself at home in my deep left gluteal muscles. If there’s anything I can count on in this world, it’s the hip pain.

Anyway, I’m feeling much less sick today. My body is fine (except the hip, of course), but my head is awfully heavy. I stayed home from work and slept a frenzied sleep all morning. I hate sick days.

Things would be bad enough with just sickness and hip pain, but I had a little row with my dad yesterday. I thought he had outgrown his angry, bullying self, but vestiges of it came back yesterday. This resulted in me calling him up and telling him that, while he was able to talk to me in such a manner when I was growing up, he can no longer talk to me like I’m a piece of shit.

Many other things were said and issues semi-resolved, and the conversation ended with him asking, “so what day are you leaving to come here?” And me answering, “Thursday afternoon.”

My dad can be messed up, but at least he and I can talk honestly to each other. And sometimes “talking” means “yelling.” I don’t particularly like that part (I had to wait to call him until Porkchop was in the shower, because I don’t like the person that I have to be sometimes when talking to my dad), but it’s better than never being honest at all, I suppose.

I would say the angry yelling exhausted me and made me sick, but I was already feeling unwell.

Happier Things

Two weekends ago brought a few inches of snow to St. Louis. This was the chicken coop in snow:

Snowy Coop

The chickens stayed snug inside. A couple of them ventured down the ladder, saw the snow and felt the chilly air, and ran back upstairs. When some of the snow melted and then turned to ice, a couple of the chickens ventured outside of the run and slip-slided around on the ice.

I felt a little guilty laughing about it, but a chicken sliding around on ice is quite an amusing sight. At one point, rather than having to touch the snow or ice, Agnes flew across the yard back to the coop. Considering one of her wings is clipped, this was quite a feat.

4 thoughts on “A Heavy Head Day

  1. Donna says:

    That chicken coop is AWESOME! I would want to live there if I was a chicken. I almost want to live there anyway.

  2. Val says:

    Sorry to hear about the chronic hip pain and sickness. Hope you feel better soon!

    And totally unrelated, but how does St. Louis end up with more snow than we’ve had here in New England?!

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