New Objects

I have some new/recently finished items to show you!

Over Labor Day, I finished knitting my Springtime Bandit. However, I didn’t have a good way to block it until recently, as I received blocking wires from Porkchop at Christmas. This new scarf is fresh off the blocking wires:

Springtime Bandit in the Winter Time

It is made of Malabrigo Twist and is super soft and squishy.

Don't look too closely, or you'll see my mistakes.

After I finished knitting the bandit, I made a Daybreak shawl for Porkchop in St. Louis Blues colors. I wrapped it up at the beginning of November, and it too sat around unblocked and unworn until recently.

Styling with the Daybreak

The blue yarn is Malabrigo sock yarn, and the gold is Madelinetosh. It was my first time using Madelinetosh, and I see why everyone loves it so much.

Porkchop's St. Louis Blues Daybreak

I’m happy that Porkchop is happy with her Daybreak. I’m working on one for myself, but I’m sure it won’t be finished until next year.

This afternoon, I had tea while studying GRE math, and I used my new mug.

Pretty new mug!

Porkchop picked it up at a St. Louis Community College – Forest Park ceramics sale, and it’s a wonderful addition to our mug cabinet.

I used a bit of honey because it was green tea, and I took a picture of the honey too. The names of the honey producers amuse me.

Jehovah and Jireh's honey

We picked up this jar last April while staying on Mt. Magazine. We went with my family to a cemetery that holds a couple dozen of our relatives, and the gas station near the cemetery was selling this honey. This is my favorite type of souvenir.

Other Stuff

Tomorrow is the last day before this year really picks up. My classes start this week, and it will be strange to be a student again. I’m taking Anatomy & Physiology II and Statistics for the Health Sciences. Depending on the stats workload, I might pick up a late-start, online Abnormal Psychology class through the community college.

Porkchop starts teaching on Tuesday as well. She has two sections again, and will be in the classroom 4 days a week (in addition to maintaining her manager position at the UPS Store). Porkchop is also curating a show for the Southern Graphics Council conference this year! The conference is here in St. Louis, and Porkchop put together a University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni/faculty show. The reception will be during the conference in March, and I’ll post details later. It will be packed full of great prints!

Have a good night and a great week!

4 thoughts on “New Objects

  1. graff9301 says:

    Great Job. keep the hard work!! :)

  2. Donna says:

    You both look so funky and cute in your scarves! Lovely knits — nice job!

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