Super Glue Properties

Over the weekend, I cut myself while washing our sharpest kitchen knife. It was a clean, deep cut, and on a spot on my thumb that is used for everything apparently.

Since the cut wouldn’t close up on its own, I brought out the super glue and patched myself up. Yay!

Seeing how it worked so great on my thumb, I thought I would super glue together my hiking boots. These boots have taken me through 11 years and various circumstances, so I was quite sad to put on the right boot yesterday only to find that the heel was starting to detach.

When we set out for a hockey game last night, the boot damage didn’t seem so terrible, and I decided to wear them anyway. However, the boot situation deteriorated rapidly. After the game, Porkchop tore down the Scottrade stairs, while I followed as quickly as my flopping boot would allow. At this point, the heel was completely detached from the sole, and it kept bending back on itself and slipping under my toe while I went downstairs.

It was rather awkward.

Walking on a flat surface was fine, as I could kind of drag it along. Going upstairs was fine too. But downstairs…going down was a killer. I thought the hockey crowd would swell up behind me and push me down all five flights of stairs.

Fortunately, I made it home okay, and got to work on my boot.

But get this…when I put super glue on the boot sole, some sort of chemical reaction occurred and my boot starting smoking! Whoa, dude!

Super glue: safe for your skin, but not your soles. That’s the lesson.

One thought on “Super Glue Properties

  1. I *heart* superglue…but haven’t had it smoke upon contact yet, LOL! Reminds me somehow of a friend who mentioned when she spilled some make up on her dresser and wiped it off…it took the finish right off the wood…and I thought “and you continue to put this on your FACE?” Thanks for the test-taking wisdom, I’m going to follow your lead and work on making sure I know those less-than-obvious terms!

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