Snow Beaks

Thanks to the recent 60+ degree weather here, all of the snow has nearly melted. However, I’ve been meaning to post this snowy chicken photo for a while, so here it is without further delay:

Snow is yummy!

That’s Scout and Agnes with snow-encrusted beaks. All of the chickens love to eat snow.

Chickens are funny animals. And mean too. Agnes is still at the bottom of the pecking order, and now Scooter and June Wayne (known as the Wyandottes around our house) have started harassing her constantly.

If Agnes is pecking at food off by herself, the Wyandottes come over and push her away. If Agnes is enjoying some alone time in the run, the Wyandottes take the opportunity to bully her. Over the weekend, Agnes developed a swollen right eye, and if I had to take a wild guess I would blame one of the Wyandottes. (The eye is getting better.)

If we had another chicken coop, we would give Agnes her own place.

In other news, some jackass busted out one of our car windows last week while Porkchop was parked at the community college art annex. Apparently, they thought Porkchop’s lunch bag contained some high value materials, as that was the only item disturbed. Nothing was taken, unless you count the $250 we spent to replace the window (and I count that).

On a happier note, we have guests lined up for March visits. Fun times are on the horizon! Until then, my time continues to be consumed by classes and studying. I have two big tests on Monday, and am feeling rather overwhelmed by the amount of material I still need to memorize.

Recent Eating

We’ve had a few meals recently that I’ve been meaning to recount.

One Saturday morning found us at Brasserie for brunch with an out-of-town friend. While the brunch menu is not online, trust that it is tasty and surprisingly inexpensive. I had eggs benedict with ham…the poached eggs were perfect, the hollandaise had a delight dijon mustard twist, and the ham was tasty. Porkchop’s brisket sandwich was excellent, and our friend’s quiche looked pretty darned good too. Other menu items like hazelnut waffles and french toast with lemon curd sounded tempting.

Local Harvest Café needs to be closer so we can just walk there. They know how to make a mean trout and meatloaf, that’s for sure. If you go for dinner, go early or late to avoid the 6-7:00 rush. Otherwise, you have to stand around watching people savor their food, and you kind of start to hate them.

At home, I’ve been loving these roasted sweet potatoes with ginger and honey. Seriously, tasty times a million. Over the weekend, I made this brown sugar glazed turkey meatloaf and chicken curry apple stir-fry. Both are from the Gluten Free Goddess blog, and both are new favorites.

Enjoy the warmth and sunshine!

One thought on “Snow Beaks

  1. Chickens ARE mean! Used to have to clean the coop in the summers at my grandparents…always thought, “hey, I’m here mucking out your mess and you wanna peck me? watch out or I’ll point you out to Gramma for dinner…”

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