Last night I had two tests, a veritable one-two Anatomy & Physiology punch.

The first one – my lab practical – went as expected. That is to say, there were things that we never covered in class on it. Besides having to make up a word for something I didn’t know, it went pretty well.

The second test was a walk-in-the-park, multiple choice exam. The lecture tests are usually so easy, I feel insulted. Of course, many people actually miss questions on the lecture exams, and I realize it might be about technique. Multiple choice test-taking strategies and skills: I’ve honed them well. I feel like I’ve really gotten into the lecture professor’s head, and I’m able to take the test from his perspective.

The lab professor’s head, however, is a much tougher nut to crack.

Anyway, this long intro is leading up to what happened before the tests.

I spent all weekend sequestered away, studying studying studying. I took Monday off of work so I could sleep in a bit, and review review review before the evening tests.

All the while, I was battling a yeast overgrowth due to a recent round of antibiotics (I’m scheduled to get a blood vessel in my nose cauterized this week! Hopefully this will mean goodbye to scary nosebleeds!), which made things a tad uncomfortable. So I kept thinking…what if something really bad happens before my tests? What if I get a stomach bug or something and I’m too sick to take the tests?! Will I be able to reschedule??

My imagination ran amuck, but my health stayed strong (besides the yeasties).

But then Monday morning rolled around, and I noticed while showering that my tailbone area felt a little sore. Actually, it felt a lot sore. I started to have visions of some horrible disease overcoming me, and preventing me from taking my tests!

When I finished in the shower, I asked Porkchop, do you see anything here, pointing to my tailbone area (ie, my ass).

I expected to hear: nope, not a thing. And then I would have thought I was just imagining the soreness, or maybe it was from exercising and nothing to worry about.

Instead I heard: oh wow, huh.

This is not what you want to hear about your ass at any time, tests or no tests.

I had a huge red welt on my ass. A bite of some variety, apparently. The application of bug bite gel burned like all hell. Crap.

Despite visions of my skin rotting away and me having to drop trousers to prove to my professors that I really should be excused from my tests, none of that happened.

I managed to work with the pain-in-the-ass bite, and it appears to be getting better. However, the bite remains a mystery. How did I get it? When was a spider or other bug on my ass? These are questions I’d rather not think about, yet I’m reminded of them each time I sit down.

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