Monthly Archives: March 2011

Being Still

I am recently returned from work and school, and while I should be studying the urinary system for Monday’s physiology test, I’m not.

I’m taking a little sit-down, no-school, no-work break.

March has been a steamroller, and I’ve been flattened. Work holds conferences and big events coming soon, classes are jam-packed with things to learn, and home life has been equally busy. While I can’t complain of good things happening, I would appreciate a few still moments of quiet reflection.

Good Things

Our friend Darcie took the train down from Milwaukee a couple of weekends ago. It was her first real visit to St. Louis, and as our neighbor observed, perhaps it was odd to take her to Bellefontaine Cemetery instead of the Arch, Forest Park, or the Botanical Gardens. Darcie rolled with it though, and she even saw the grave of a distant relative, an Ohio explorer!

Pretty, yet slightly creepy


When you're a Beer King, this is the kind of mausoleum you build.

If you’re in St. Louis and haven’t been to Bellefontaine Cemetery, what are you waiting for? You can stop by the office for a free self-guided tour booklet full of all sorts of historical tidbits. Be sure to allow plenty of time for your visit!

The week following Darcie’s visit saw the SGC International Conference come to St. Louis. Washington University did a terrific job of hosting events and shuttling people from the Chase to various parts of the city.

Before the conference, Porkchop made a print for the exchange portfolio.

The Happy Printmaker

This edition of twelve consisted of handcolored prints. I’ll have to get a picture of the final edition from Porkchop because it was amazingly ridiculous. She put in around 20 hours of handcoloring.

It is unfortunate that we do not have one. Sadness.

During SGC, Porkchop held an artists’ reception for the show she curated. Turnout was great…thanks to friends near and far who dropped by!

Last Friday night, all the SGC events were held on Cherokee Street. Seeing the galleries and shops and the street filled with people made me so happy. And so did this parade:

That’s all I have. Good night!