Dirt Party

I’m out from under the conference cloud that was hovering over my work desk for the past few months. All I have to worry about event-wise this month is a lecturer on Friday, and this bigwig next Tuesday (whose honorarium is a full 2/3 of my annual salary!).

Beginning next month, I will be swamped preparing for a conference we’re hosting in China. I don’t get to go, but I do have the joy of doing prep work! The fun started with building registration websites in English and Chinese, and oh, the joy of maintaining two websites! (Fortunately we have a wonderfully capable RA who takes care of the Chinese site.)

But today, I feel terrific. It’s sunny, the air is crisp, and I received a full six hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.

I also had a cup of black tea this morning, and have been energetically unfocused.

However, I have been focused enough to round up neighbors to help me shovel a cubic yard of dirt into my raised beds! The chickens kick dirt out of the beds like nobody’s business, so I need to do a good top-up before planting.

I have shoveling volunteers, and a possible vehicle for transporting the dirt. However, can anyone volunteer a backup pick-up in case the first one doesn’t come through?? You can have fresh eggs and some dirt. And vegetables from the garden (provided it grows!).

Since I last posted, this is the most exciting thing that happened:


We purchased new furniture for the computer nook! Our old desk was, well, old. And junky. And stupid. We were also using a dinette chair that I picked up from an antiques mall over 10 years ago. The whole setup was horrible.

The new desk, bookshelf, and chair have done wonders for our self-esteem. Now we have to figure out what to do with our junky file cabinets, but that might have to wait a couple more years.

The old furniture is now upstairs in the guestroom with the old iMac (still functioning after 10 years!). While we hated the furniture when it was downstairs, it offers me a little study area upstairs. I love having study space upstairs. Keetah snoozes in her cat bed while I try not to snooze doing stats reading.

Speaking of Keetah, she is a sucker for stomach rubs:

Keetah paralyzed by rubs. She enjoys it. Really.

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Dirt Party

  1. Holly says:

    I love it when I get to have a super-organized space. It makes me feel like a real grown up :)

    I’m with you, too — the sunshine is DIVINE!!!!

  2. Suzi says:

    We are going to be in Nashville this weekend. You should email D and see if his truck can be your back up.

    I love the new nook look. D and I are looking into desks to replace the one I have been camped at for two + years in the office. I want something sleek like what you have.

  3. cj says:

    I know you can guess what I’m going to say here, but I LURVE that Keetah photo. Two hundred or so.

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