On a Slippery Slope

As I do from time to time, I purchased a cup of decaf coffee from the little cafe at my school. But this time I put a shot of real coffee in it! It’s a slippery slope, my friends, a slippery, caffeinated slope.

I needed the extra boost because I am so tired. So much tiredness.

On Saturday, a group of us tackled our alley as part of Operation Brightside’s spring blitz. This is our block’s third year of cleaning up the alley, and while it’s fun to catch up with neighbors, the work is still hard. Especially when it’s an unseasonable 87 degrees!

After three and a half hours of cleaning the alley, we lunched on the most amazing chicken salad at the Mud Room. So much yum!

We needed the chicken salad to sustain us through the afternoon. Our neighbor Tom drove us out to St. Louis Composting, where we loaded up with a yard of garden mix dirt and a couple bags of mulch. Once back, neighbors James and Shannon helped us unload the 3,000 lbs of dirt.

All I can say is, we have awesome neighbors. I mean, does this look like fun to you?

More dirt than you can imagine!

We had enough dirt to fill up the garden beds, the strawberry/blueberry bed, the front bed, part of Tom’s backyard sinkhole, and the front bed of another neighbor. AND, we stowed some dirt in the garage for some alley landscaping. We did all of this in less than two hours!

Then Porkchop and I went to the last home Blues game of the season, which we topped off with ice cream from the Fountain on Locust.

We collapsed into bed, only to get up early on Sunday to purchase landscaping bricks for the alley project! And we planted flowers in the front and spread mulch!

Pretty planting pretties.

In the afternoon, Porkchop accompanied Tom in buying a yard of mulch from the same composting place. She also helped him unload and spread it while I did stats homework (it took two hours for me to do four homework problems!).

I also cooked lunch and dinner, and did more homework. And laundry and cleaning the bathroom!

It was the weekend of hard labor!

I’m glad to just be sitting here at work, although I would be more comfortable at home in bed.

Here’s to busy weekends and yardwork and nice neighbors!

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