Rubble Rouser

Yesterday, I “worked” from home and I skipped out on stats class. While I felt a bit guilty lying to my stats professor, I enjoyed being at home during the evening tremendously.

Instead of sitting through two long hours of stats lecture and lab, I cooked dinner and watched Porkchop work on a landscaping project. In other words, I felt normal again. But don’t think I goofed off the entire day! I still put in a good 3 hours of stats work.

But more about this landscaping project. We have (or had, rather) a pile of rubble by our garage that made us ashamed. So much shame! Especially when one of our neighbors put in some bushes and tulips and landscaping rock by his parking pad.

In an effort to de-junkify our garage area, Porkchop decided to clear out the rubble and put in a couple of terraced levels. After some consultation with neighbors, she set to work:

Anyone need some rocks?

I primarily watched and said things like, good God, will the soda pull tabs never end??

Whoever lived in our house before us had a thing for soda pull tabs. A thing as in, they are all over the yard. Front, back, by the garage, we’ve found hundreds. Were they collecting them for a reason? Did they make a game of pulling off the tabs and throwing them in the yard?

We’ll never know.

I do know that the rubble pile already looks much better without so much rubble.

The rubble never ends.

Switching topics, we ate at La Vallesana Wednesday night, and I was incredibly pleased with my dinner. Since kicking the gluten out of my diet, I’ve become an annoying diner. For example, I asked the La Vallesana server if I could possibly get the spicy shrimp burrito (my favorite!) on corn tortillas. She came back and said something to the affirmative, but when I realized she said that they could do it on wheat tortillas (which is the norm), I was like, no! not wheat! So there was a bit of miscommunication in the beginning. But, the kitchen redeemed itself by preparing a spicy shrimp platter with corn tortillas on the side.

It was the best:

Careful: these shrimp are ridiculously hot.

Whereas many restaurants give you stupid vegetables on the side, La Vallesana goes all out with asparagus and potatoes! Asparagus! I was more than happy to pay $9.95 for this spread. Delicious.

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Rubble Rouser

  1. Holly says:

    Porkchop has ambition! That’s a heck of an undertaking. My yard is full of a lot of broken china and glass. Every time we dig, we find more. After 4 years of digging we thought surely there must be an end in sight, nope. Stick a shovel in 2″ and you’ll find more. Rumor has it that The Hill is a landfill. Which would explain the mad amounts of crap in our dirt. I can’t wait to see the finished product in your yard! Also, the minute my tummy recovers, I have to try La Vallesana, that looks super yum!

    • carrie says:

      Oh yes, we have a ton of glass too! And saw blades!

      We actually worry about the chickens eating glass, but they seem fine so far…

    • Suzi says:

      According to my SILs father, the Hill housed clay factories which employed the vast number of Italian immigrants at the time. My SIL remembers swimming in old clay mines. . saying that they loved to go but would have to throw out whatever it was they wore.

      But. . no landfill.

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