Even Mountains Get Sad Sometimes

This has been a weird three-day weekend for me. Enjoyable, but weird!

We awoke at 2:40 am Friday morning to start watching the royal wedding. When the wedding date was first announced, Porkchop knew she was taking the day off. I finally came around to the idea as well – a day off is a day off! – and we invited a neighbor over for the viewing.

Since I haven’t been sleeping well lately, I was well practiced for getting up at 3 am. However, I certainly was glad to return to bed at 8 for a few more hours. The rest of Friday was a haze of studying, yardwork, and chicken salad from the Mud House.

Like us, our chickens enjoyed a day without rain. June Wayne assumed her favorite place in the yard:

I *was* going to plant basil in this pot.

She was accompanied by a couple of buddies:

Everyone wants a turn in the pot.

Saturday was good too…more studying and some time spent in the kitchen.

And today…today has been a mixed bag.

Porkchop and I biked to Tower Grove Park for a bit, even though it was on the chilly side. To warm up, we spent some time in the hot tub at the Y. After that, it was home to rustle up some chili.

I’ve been looking forward to my parents and my brother visiting us next weekend, and I called my parents today to talk details. During the conversation, I learned that my sister would be coming too.

This sent me into a bit of depression (okay, more than a bit).

My sister changes the dynamic of everything because she always has to be the center of attention…among other things. She is also lazy, manipulative, and a general pain in the ass.

My dad asks me to be “gracious,” during the visit, which irritates me to no end because I’m always being asked to do something due to my sister’s state.

Anyway, I am trying to not get too down about having to cater to my sister’s needs while she is here.

Instead, I am focusing on my upcoming trip to Milwaukee and Minneapolis! Yay, trips!

6 thoughts on “Even Mountains Get Sad Sometimes

  1. Holly says:

    Your chickens crack me up! Mine are only half that size now, but are doing a good job keeping us laughing.

    Sorry about the drama queen sister b.s. – family can be really challenging, can’t they? I’m just glad that asshole-ism isn’t genetic. I’d be screwed.

    Shall we click the needles this week? I can eat solid food again!

  2. Suzi says:

    So. . . I will try to be up and around this weekend – then I can help with your family.


  3. Darcie says:

    You have the hot tub at the Y, the chickens have their hot pot on the yard…

    Bummer about the sister visit. I will trade you a weekend sibling visit for a week with my mom in July (which she announced to me yesterday). Sigh. Families.

  4. cj says:

    ug to family. but yay to chicken growing. those pics are hysterical.

    wishing we could bike to a mutual meeting place and spend the day sipping tea and knitting.

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