A Sunny Day

Today is gorgeous and, for a workday, rather fantastic. I began my day with a walk through Forest Park, and spent the lunch hour walking around one of the old, idyllic neighborhoods near campus.

The sun is shining and offering a welcome relief from the godawful weather we’ve had lately.

However, the pictures below are from this past Saturday, which was the last nice day before the sky started vomiting on the Midwest. Experiencing golfball-sized hail while on the interstate was bad enough (our car sports lots of little dings now, but the windows are all intact); I can’t imagine being in Joplin.

But back to Saturday.

My original goal was to visit the Botanical Gardens, but after taking two buses there (the #11 and #8, which was surprisingly quick), I learned that City residents were not allowed in for free due to Chinese Cultural Days. While I would have enjoyed the event, it wasn’t in my plan to spend $12 to drink tea and watch people demonstrate t’ai chi. It was my plan to do only free things!

Instead, I caught another bus that was passing by (the #14), transferred to the red line train at the CWE stop, and disembarked at Forest Park to hit the history museum. (Are transportation details boring to others? I like knowing bus numbers and routes.)

While I enjoyed the museum exhibits, the best part was outside. A little petting zoo was set up!


Baby camel!

I also spent some time petting the baby sheep and watching the little goats romp around.

After the museum, I caught the Forest Park trolley (actually the #90 bus) to the art museum. I didn’t feel like looking around inside since I was there not too long ago, but I spent some time surveying the Grand Basin:

From here, I gazed upon my estate. I mean, the park.

Forest Park isn’t too shabby, especially the area in front of the art museum. You have the Grand Basin (a remnant of the 1904 World’s Fair) in front of you, and the Saint Louis statue and museum (also from the World’s Fair) behind you:

Saint Louis, jump on it! (Only Porkchop will be amused by this caption.)

When I was finished picturing Forest Park as the lands surrounding my country home, I walked on to the zoo and surprised Porkchop by visiting her at work!

Porkchop rocking the airbrush.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before. When an opportunity arose to manage the new caricature operation at the zoo, Porkchop traded her UPS Store shirt for a zoo shirt. While the weather has been uncooperative this month, I’m sure business will pick up in June, and Porkchop will be drawing her hands off. She also starts teaching in June, so she will be quite the busy bee.

Besides the grocery store trip on Saturday, everything was free, which makes for an extra good day!

This weekend, we are headed to Porkchop’s parents’ place, so look for photos of creek and cave fun next week. Have a great weekend! May the weather be nice!

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