This One Thing I Know

I don’t know much these days.

But this one thing I know. Someday, I shall live by a giant expanse of water with rocky beaches and old trees.

I want to watch the waves forever.

The above is from Cave Point in Door County, which is the bit of Wisconsin that juts out into Lake Michigan. It was beautiful and serene, and I did not want to return to St. Louis.

No, seriously, I cried in Illinois before we crossed the bridge. Not just crying, sobbing. I wanted to continue along with the tent and sleeping bags and borrowed camp stove. Forget the house, the weighty belongings, the job that I can’t stand, and just drive wherever the hell the road leads.

And suddenly, I feel like my mom. Coming home from a day trip to the closest big town, we would hit a stretch of road on the flattest bit of earth you will ever find. It would be just our car, the road, the cotton fields, and the hot shimmering air, and then she would whisper, Don’t you want to just keep driving forever? Let’s just keep going. I always felt so sad when she said that because I knew she didn’t want to go back to our house and the drudgery that had become her life.

If the gas fund was limitless, and I didn’t have these stupid obligations like a mortgage and bills, I would totally keep driving.

6 thoughts on “This One Thing I Know

  1. We are kindred spirits, my friend. I was just longing for a sleepy creek and the smell of oak over lunch.

  2. cj says:

    it’s posts like this that make me a faithful follower. somehow, I needed to hear someone else’s story tonight.

    • cj says:

      it is a post like this? it’s a post like this? it’re a posts like this.

      i dislike my own written grammar.


      • carrie says:

        “It’s posts…” did cause me to re-read the sentence!

        I suggest “posts like this make me a faithful follower.” What do you think?

  3. Alessandra Plattner says:

    Beautifully written Carrie. I’ll be your neighbor by the water anytime. Damn the rest of the world.

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